Hydro Ex is equipped with the state of the art Windows-based PCs utilizing the latest  CAD and GIS software.  Our CAD personnel are fluent in the areas of surveying and mapping including civil, structural, and transportation engineering related projects.  Both our office and field personnel use the latest in AutoCAD, Calrson Survey, and ESRI software to offer our clients high-quality production and support.

Hydro Excavation 
  • One-Call Utility Coordination

  • Subsurface Utility Locate

  • Vacuum Excavation  (Non-Contaminated Materials)

  • Slot Trenching

  • Debris Removal

  • General Site Work

  • Asphalt and Concrete Paving

  • Concrete Work

  • Underground Utilities (Water, Waste Water, and Storm Water)

  • Drainage Improvements (Culverts, Inlets, and Ditches)

  • Subsurface Utility Locate (Hydro Excavation)

  • Subsurface Utility Locate 

  • Construction Permits

  • Progress Reporting and Documentation

  • Boundary Surveys

  • Boundary Analysis and Determination

  • Topographic Surveys

  • Platting and Zoning

  • GPS/GIS Services

  • Subsurface Utility Locate

  • Construction Staking and Layout